12 Kind Promises

Jan Lundy has been teaching me compassion, including self-compassion. She encourages her students to make kind promises to ourselves.

Unlike a goal or a plan, a promise is a declaration of intent. To keep a promise, I must choose over and over to fill it. (Those of you in long-term relationships will recognize this practice.) It is not a destination, but rather a path.
The idea of kind promises opened a gate for me.
For the next part of my life, I will explore these kind promises:

I promise to…
  • Forgive with wild abandon.
  • Live joyfully without reason.
  • Surrender patiently.
  • Reinvent whimsically.
  • Embrace the moment.
  • Celebrate connections.
  • Be tender with weaknesses.
  • Share strengths.
  • Ask for and accept help gracefully.
  • Advocate courageously.
  • Appreciate blessings.
  • Love without keeping score.