Friday, May 27, 2011

Quality of Life: It's All About Love

I read about how doctors and psychologists are trying to create tools to evaluate and measure Quality of Life in their patients. Reminded of the Disability Rights Movement's slogan, "Nothing about us without us," I set out to create a Quality of Life inventory that could be used for individuals about themselves.

While I used the framework put forward by The Quality of Life Research Unit at the University of Toronto, I soon departed from it. For personal use, measurements and scores are unnecessary.  Instead, it's more of a way of interviewing myself about my life: what's working and what I would like to see change.

When I reached for a simple definition of having quality in my life, I realized it meant answering "yes" (or at least "most of the time") to three questions:
  • Do I love myself?
  • Do I love my world?
  • Do I love my life?
So in the end it's all about love.

The (probably) final product is here as a Microsoft Word document and in PDF. Now I just need to integrate it into my life!


Nicole said...

I'm gonna have to print that PDF out and tackle it later! that's some deep stuff.

Kate Wolfe-Jenson said...

I've put it on my calendar to do once a quarter... Let me know (if you use it) if/how it works for you. --Kate