Friday, September 23, 2011

Comfortable and Precarious

She caught her breath one day
and realized the life she had expected –
one of progress and accomplishment –
was not the one encircling her.

She moved gently forward,
hands outstretched
patting the uncertainties
like a woman moving into
a darkened bedroom.
The space felt, at once,
comfortable and precarious.

She made a promise then
to kindle a light if she could
or forgive herself  if she couldn't
and to explore her surroundings
    its soft soothings and
    its sharp surprises
until she recognized it
as her own.


Peace Be With You said...

There is so much to love in your poem but the following really touched me.

"to kindle a light if she could
or forgive herself if she couldn't"

That speaks to the heart of how we must construct our new lives after MS arrives.


Nicole said...

That was beautiful.

Kate Wolfe-Jenson said...

Thank you Judy and Nicole.

I am learning about/practicing self compassion through a class at Buddha Chick™.